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Christmas Lights Made Easy, LLC proudly serves the St. Louis and surrounding areas professionally installing holiday lights for both residential and commercial businesses. With over 20 years experience, we continue to pride ourselves on being a local business providing quality work at an affordable price. 

We professionally install the lights to your liking so you can focus on the other aspects of the holiday and not stress about where you put the lights last or will they even work this year.  Our goal is to make your home look great for all your family and friends to see.


Our Services:

Our turnkey service includes installation, service work, take down and storage of the lights.  All lights and supplies are property of Christmas Lights Made Easy, LLC.  We provide everything needed for installation.

Specifically we specialize in rooflines, high peaks, dormers, trees, and bushes. 

Take down starts on January 1 and goes through the end of January (weather permitting) but it is our goal to have everyone down as soon as possible.


Our Quoting Process:

We make the process Easy.  You can email us a picture of your home and we can typically provide you a quote from the picture.  Occasionally we will come out to see the property however we value your time so we make the quoting process as easy as possible. 


Our Lights:

We install C9 lights on the rooflines.  These are attached by a special clip so each light sits straight. Your color choices are:

    -Clear (most popular)
    -Multi-Colored Ceramic (old fashioned look)
    -Candy Cane (red and clear alternating)
    -Solid Red, Green or Blue
    -Custom (please contact us if you have a special request)

We install standard mini-lights for trees and bushes. Your color choices are:



Our Timers:

We provide you a timer with your lights at no charge as an added convenience to you.  However, we are not responsible for setting timers, resetting of timers due to power outages or GFIs popping or just failure in general.


Payment Info:

We ask that you make payment within 2 weeks of your lights being installed.  We will either leave you an invoice at your door or mail you one a few days after installation. All checks should be made payable to Christmas Lights Made Easy and sent to 9919 Meppen Dr., St. Louis, MO 63128. 

Christmas Lights Made Easy, LLC. All Rights Reserved. A Saint Louis Missouri Company. 

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